Spectra Studios is a visualisation studio based in East Sussex, UK.

It was founded by Dominic Christian and Alex Preager in 2011 with the objective to create a studio that provided a friendly, hardworking and forward-thinking approach to visualisation.  We have an open-minded, creative approach to projects enabling us to proactively assist in the development of high-quality, detailed project renderings within budget and timeframes provided.

Spectra Studios is made up of a passionate team of artists specialising in the production of high-quality visual media including 3D stills, 360 panoramas and animations. We use virtual reality and interactive real time spaces to help our clients present their designs.
We combine eye-catching photography, clean design and descriptive graphics that create engaging presentation material.
We design and build websites, interactive presentations, branding and print collateral.
We create video and print presentations to capture your audience and communicate your message.