Jul 29, 2023


Creating Visual Narratives for Saluhall: San Francisco's Upcoming Culinary Space

Detail-Driven Renderings for Multi-Use Spaces

We had the unique opportunity to create a series of visuals for Saluhall, an upcoming food court in San Francisco. Our visuals served a dual purpose: they were instrumental in finalizing the design and also played a vital role in marketing the space to potential vendors and visitors. From individual food stalls to communal dining areas, we captured the full scope and energy of this culinary haven.

  • Meticulously rendered common spaces and dining areas, capturing the ambiance and function of the upcoming venue.

  • Produced an extensive portfolio of renderings

  • Completed 2 distinct sets in late 2022 and mid 2023.

  • Supplied impactful visuals that enhanced marketing strategies, serving as cornerstone assets for promotional activities.