Kerb Foods: Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden, London.  22,000 Sq ft.  Project Duration – over 12 months

Kerb Foods, initially known for their outdoor street market in Kings Cross made the decision to expand and create an indoor establishment in the heart of Covent Garden.  Thomas Neals Warehouse in Seven Dials had been a collection of small independent retailers with a centralised open café.

Initially we aided in the creation of the conceptual scheme, which was developed to show how this space could be transformed.  The space had two areas.  One being the main food hall, and the second being a market ally focusing on selling fresh breads, cheeses, and flowers etc.  The space had its challenges when building it in 3D due to its complexity, and lack of original architectural drawings.

After gaining approval for the project, more detailed development visuals were required.  We gained access to the site to take photos, and check dimensions.   All areas had to be built to aid the projects development through weekly workshops with the client.  Design, finish, layout, and joinery options were visualised to support the development process.   

To help the client gain a better understanding of the space we also created a real-time environment.   Using this we created a simple video walkthrough that showed the journey through the space.  We provided this in a format the client could navigate in real-time.   We set up our laptop on-site in the basement of the empty building shell for the architect and client to use the real-time model in their site meeting.  This process was extremely useful due to the size and complexity of the space, providing sight lines, and aiding wayfinding development. 

We created a final set of visuals for marketing purposes.  These visuals featured in multiple publications, both online and in print.

This ex banana warehouse in Covent garden is now open and thriving.


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